Note – 0

Three sick days plus RSI really slowed my work down.  Here are some of the things I have been thinking of:

  • Having a place to do brain-dump every moment I have something in my head, as easy and painless as possible.  My static web log requires me to have the Git repo, commit, and push every time I want to post, not a thing I want to do with my Android.  I always thought WordPress is for careful and lengthy posts; but who made me anyway?  Besides, Android has a very nice WordPress client.  So let’s go WordPress.
  • Continuing to develop PyTyle 1 (the version I have branched from the Andrew “BurntSushi” Gallant’s original one).  Xlib is horrible and badly documented, but well, I gotta cross my line and improve it after all.  Later, XCB!
  • Installing one more distro (to be exact, one Unix-like system) onto my hard drive, here are things about which I care:
    • Relatively stable.  This option is, well, … relative.  By that I mean more stable than the latest Fedora, and not easily broken after updating/upgrading,
    • Not resource-hungry and power-hungry,
    • Relatively up-to-dated.  God!  For this one I have to leave out Debian.
    • Well documented, as Arch Linux, Gentoo, Debian, and FreeBSD.
    • Having high quality and helpful community, like Arch Linux, Gentoo, and FreeBSD, …
    • Doesn’t think it’s smarter than a user, only do things it’s told to do.
    • Configuration process is not dreadful (as with Gentoo’s), ’cause this is my secondary one and I don’t want to spend too much effort configuring it right from the start.
    • Having really committed people.
    • Not likely to die :-D.
  • Following that is some of the choices: FreeBSD, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Mint LMDE, Zenwalk, Slackware, VectorLinux, and Calculate Linux.
  • Learning in-depth how a window manager works, with some source code for referencing: Subtle, wmii, pytyle, dwm, stiler, pywo.
  • Making my Emacs configuration transferable.  This one I have been postponing for a very long time.
  • Trying out BigBlueButton and compare with OpenMeetings.

Hah, this post got longer than I thought.

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