At the end of a week

Gnome 3 release party, HAOI updates, my Japanese…

Last Wednesday, 2011/04/06, the Gnome 3 release party was successfully held in Hanoi with the help of HanoiLUG members. The preparation began with an announcement posted by Nguyen Vu Hung-san about 2 months ago, and silently, slowly carried on til the last Wednesday. The party was nice, warm, and really fantastic! It was the most crowded event of Hanoi FOSS and GNU/Linux community to be held since 2011. We had members from HanoiLUG, Fedora Vietnam community, Ubuntu-VN community, Asianux, eXo platform Vietnam, members from Informatics & Life Magazine, university students, and a lot of computer users in Hanoi. We watched, talked, and had the Gnome 3 experience on Fedora, Asianux, and Ubuntu. We also watched and discussed about a new war of GTK desktop environment, aka. Gnome 3 vs. Unity. The A11y Hanoi was briefly introduced in a small presentation and lightning talk. The most exiciting part of the party was the auction of two Gnome 3 T-shirts (LUGers’ financial problem, of course ;-) ). The party ended with free FOSS talk and free beer. Images may be viewed at Hung-san’s Flickr and Thuy’s Picasa.

HAOI 2011 is still at preparation stages. We have 2 more people working on the project. The judge system had been completely redesigned and is reaching its final status.

My Japanese is getting slowly improved. Learning Kanji is hard but really fun. Better be harder next week.

Things need to be done next week are:

  • Doing conferences, raising the awareness about HAOI in high school students’ environment.
  • Meeting with Mr. Hop from ISM magazine. Forming the HAOI organization. Scheduling work.
  • Putting tim-judge into beta stage, i.e. features completed.
  • Writing articles about HAOI and HAOI training.
  • Pushing myself for more Kanji and speaking in Japanese.
  • Holding a Coding Dojo in Hanoi with Serge.
  • Continuing improving Espeak.
  • Getting translation of 90% completed.

Next week would be my very busy one. Gotta to work harder.


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